What is the secret of good living?

What is the secret to peace?

What is the secret to no regret?

What is the secret to simplicity?

-Cleverness is the enemy, that you must take seriously.

Chop the wood and carry water.

Mind your own business.

Gaze upon what inspires you.

Music is the door to the spirit. So many demons in the world making clashing sounds.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

Food grows where water flows /|\ birds of a feather flock together.

“I don’t believe in a god that doesn’t dance”. -FWN

Shame is an embarrassment.

Are there secret societies?

Are you using the tools at your disposal? Are you maxing them out, without stressing out?

A black belt is just a white belt that never quit.

Deeds not words aka Opera Non Verba

If you’re one with life, you don’t need no book.

Politics doesn’t concern you. Politics doesn’t concern you. Civic affairs maybe does. An idiot to the greeks was one who was in his own mind- not part of public life. But don’t take part in political war.

Don’t encourage unnecessary weakness, but don’t worship strength, but the latter is better than the former in many ways.

Find a still moment in every day. Remember your spirit is in your breathing.

People are won by warmth, otherwise it’s war.

If you’re not careful, good things are gone with the wind.

What skills have you developed today? Sharpen the saw. Sharpen the mind and be happy.

Anger is perilous.

If you become centered, you’ve practically won.

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