Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch
Zaid Sabih

This was a very fun course in both the Python programming language, and my overall main introduction into both Python and OOP, as well as into security and ethical hacking. Throughout the course I learned how to change MAC addresses, how to DNS spoof and become MitM, how to detect spoofing, how to intercept, sniff and modify packets, how to inject code and run basic Cross Site Scripting (XSS) with BeEF (the browser exploitation framework), how to bypass HTTPS, how to write malware programs and backdoors, to be able to control a victim’s PC through the CLI, and how to package these files to look innocent (such as working pdf files), how to scan sites for vulnerability, guess passwords and login information and more, all primarily through the use of Python code. This course also brought to life the concepts of networking that I had learned in a prior Networking course- seeing with my own eyes what packets look like, how they are layered and sequenced, about their types (requests, responses, etc) and how their contents can be read, modified and filtered. Additionally, I learned about the Metasploitable OS as a hackable website tool, I became much more familiar with VirtualBox and virtualization, and I learned about Kali Linux, and Linux in general, including Bash and the shell. The instructor Zaid was excellent and engaging and responsive. Because I learned so much that was new to me and I followed along by reproducing his work, the 24 hour course in video-time took me several months to complete with almost daily study. Unfortunatley the code I wrote was lost when my Kali host crashed due to my trying to install a driver for NVIDIA, but I wasn’t planning on using it anyway, and I could recreate it, but it would be nice to exhibit. So I am very proud of having completed this course and it has served as a great foundation for me to go on to learn more.

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CompTIA A+ Certification 901. The Total Course
Mike Meyers

This was the first of a two part coursezz designed to prepare students for the CompTiaA+ exam. I completed both sections but for brevity only including the first certificate. This set of courses focused in depth on computer hardware, from RAM sticks to power supplies to the CPU and storage drives, as well as the ins and outs of windows and basics of security and of mobile devices. It was great for an introduction into the world of IT and computers and it actually goes very deep and gets very technical. I enjoyed learning how everything works together to make a system and learning the technical terms for all different parts. 

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