Build an Ecommerce Site for your business

I can make you an online E-commerce store, either creating for you a brand new domaine (e.g. or a subdomain of an existing site (e.g.

I can make a beautiful, functional site with your products listed and categorized, with a nice welcome landing page, each product having it’s own page, including a description, related products, buttons and calls to action, as well as online reviews from verified purchasers. Each registered user (customer) will have his/her own dynamically created account management page which will show their purchase history as well as allow them to change their account information. I can also set up a downloads page where people can pay for downloadable media, as well as member only sites, where people can access by subscription or one-time purchase.

I can set up payment processing through paypal and stripe (credit card processor) as well as test these through their sandbox test modes.

I can set up security on your site as well as automate backups to remote storage drives (such as google drive, dropbox, etc) as well as provide Search Engine Optimization so your site is seen and found as well as provide tracking and analytical tools so you can see site visitors and track data.
I ask $30/hr. You won’t pay until you take it live and you are satisfied with the results and everything checks out in terms of look, feel, functionality, security and stability.
Please use the contact form to get in touch with me if this is something you are interested in.

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