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Google is commemorating the twenty fifth anniversary of Mates by constructing character Easter eggs into its search outcomes. On Thursday, the company rolled out a feature that shows a special icon when people seek for a personality. You'll see the icons on the data panels on the correct side of the search page, next to details about a character.

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Looking Ross Geller, for example, pulls up an icon of a couch. Clicking on that triggers a soundbite of Ross yelling "Pivot!" In case you click on it sufficient instances, the couch splits in two and you hear Ross say, "Ok, I don't suppose it's gonna pivot anymore."

A seek for Phoebe Buffay calls up a picture of a guitar. While you click on that, a black cat pops up on the screen, and you hear Phoebe singing "Smelly Cat." And searching Rachel Inexperienced calls up an icon of The Rachel haircut. Clicking that leads you to a Google Pictures search results web page for the famous 'do.

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If you want to brush up on your friends vocabulary, a seek for "Friends glossary" calls up some lingo from the present, reminiscent of "transponster," "Joey's apple" and "Vacation Armadillo."

Several Associates cast members took to Instagram on Thursday to pay tribute to the present's anniversary with a bunch picture and caption studying, "Celebrating a Thursday night time 25 years in the past."

Theaters across the US are screening different episodes of the show together with exclusive interviews in celebration of the anniversary. The primary set of episodes hit the big display screen on Sept. 23, but you continue to have an opportunity to catch showings on Sept. 28 and Oct. 2.

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Last month, Google additionally rolled out an Easter egg for the 80th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. Clicking on Dorothy's ruby slippers triggered a sound bite of her saying "There is not any place like house" and turned the search results page black and white.

Initially published Sept. 19.

Updates, Sept. 20: Provides Instagram posts; Sept. 25: Provides theater showings.

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